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Cortney Matz writes - all the time. As a screenwriter, travel/food blogger, and songwriter, she is always working, always creating, always collaborating. Cortney writes regularly for The Chocolate Tourist blog, while periodically telling personal stories as a Traveling Screenwriter.

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Travelogue - The Road Trip Begins (from

In which the fun begins with surprise tolls and some crazy bridges.

My plane landed at BWI right on schedule, but due to some thunderstorms the airport had shuffled planes around to different gates. This left us sitting on the ground for nearly an hour, which I didn’t mind nearly as much as my fellow passengers. Probably because I kept falling asleep.

We stumbled off the plane around 1 am, and by then the Red Roof Inn shuttles were not picking up. At this time, I reflected that it would have been nice of them to point this out on their websiteBut I guess I looked helpless enough, because another shuttle driver took pity on me and offered to dropped me off on his way to delivering another passenger.

As we looped around the airport looking for her, I eagerly described my plans for the week. In kindness to my benefactor, I will refrain from posting his response, but basically he found the question of my sanity highly suspect.

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Tifa Chocolate in Agoura Hills, CA (from

Drinking chocolate, gelato, killer cappuccino, and handmade chocolates with striking ingredients like whiskey, or red peppers. All packaged in a southern California smile.

Is Tifa the ideal chocolate shop? Probably. But we won’t say that until we’ve tried all of them.

Suffice it to say that Tifa Chocolate has become the unofficial meeting place of The Chocolate Tourist production team. With easy access from the 101, little else nearby to gum up the flow of traffic, and plenty of chairs and tables (not to mention an easygoing ambiance that doesn’t seem to mind if we hog a corner table for three hours), Tifa is a great place to meet old friends and make new ones.

Generous with their time and samples, Tifa could almost be in the chocolate business just for the fun of it. The person ahead of me in line tried no less than five gelato flavors before settling on one. I asked which one she chose, and she responded with, “I had to have the chocolate.”

Girl, you know it.